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Select the right combination of Capna services for you

Especially in today’s rapidly expanding marketplace, the quality of your retail product is essential to sustainable growth and success. That’s why we created Capna Labs. We’re a single partner with the expertise to not only deliver the highest-grade extract to your specifications, but provide a wealth of professional services to give you an even stronger edge.

Our Labs use Capna's proprietary ethanol extraction technology to create the highest quality extract in less time than older butane and CO2 methods.
If you produce your own extract, we’ll ensure its clarity and potency by efficiently removing all fats, waxes and lipids for you.
Maximize the potential of your crude oil via a precision process that creates a powerful clear oil for use in topicals, edibles, vapes and much more.
Terpene Formulation
Our team will work with you to refine your existing formulas, or develop entirely new flavors for even greater individuality and appeal.
From product development to training your personnel on advanced methods of extraction, our in-house experts are ready to go to work for you.

Extraction yield calculator

Use our calculator to view an estimated price per gram based on your product’s potency and quality. Our team can provide a more detailed estimate as part of an initial consultation with you.

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Ready to own your own Capna system?

If you’re a high volume producer, or if you have plans to rapidly expand your operation, purchasing a Capna system of your own may deliver a greater investment return. We offer a full range of models based on your desired quantity and extraction speed, all supported by dedicated personal service, on-site training and more.