Maximize your success with more advantages than any other partner


Only Capna Labs has the technology, expertise and range of industry knowledge to handle any type of extraction or professional service request. From the most established brands to emerging startups, we’re uniquely able to deliver consistently superior quality matched with in-depth partnership and insight.

Capna Labs exclusively uses our own innovative ethanol extraction systems, able to effortlessly handle even the largest orders to produce high-grade extract in less time and at a lower cost.
Unlike older butane and CO2 methods, our ethanol extraction parameters allow us to create fully de-waxed, chlorophyll-free extracts with a THC/minor cannabinoid yield as high as 82% or more.
By conducting a plant material analysis to reveal the compounds of the plant extract, we can remove or repurpose elements as needed to ensure the highest level of achievable purity, consistency and safety.
With an extraction efficiency rate of 98.6%, we can ensure that you gain the largest possible return on investment from your plant material — and save you valuable time by eliminating the need to winterize or de-wax the extract.
We can process any volume of plant material in less time than competing methods, which means no split orders or production delays to help you get your products to market faster than you thought possible.
Every Capna Labs customer enjoys the highest level of support from our team, including a flexible range of expert professional services, online access to order status and test results, ability to handle last-minute requests and more.